One word

There is a lot of talk about one word this year.  I like the idea of one word.. I have received one words over the last few years.  Some years, I kept them in my heart, some years, I refused them, thinking they were just too good to be true, like joy.  So, this year’s word came to me, EXPECT.   I knew I couldn’t turn it away. The Lord had been giving me wonderful words like joy, peace, hope.  I couldn’t embrace them.  This year, I know I have to take hold of expect.  It goes beyond hope.  It stands boldly, saying, I know the goodness of the Lord, and I expect Him in this year. I expect good things from His hand, yes, but even more, I expect Him.  The turning of the calendar pages does not change our God. He is good, period. So it is not Him of course who is changed by this word, but me. I am no longer waiting or hoping, but expecting.  You know how you look out your window or door, looking for someone who is coming to see you?  You know they are coming. Well, He comes, everyday. He stays. I am through with waiting and hoping. I will expect Him at every turn.



It has been a while since I have been hungry. I mean hungry, not just little tummy rumblings.  I know it would be a good idea to fast, but I just don’t seem to get to it.  My body would most definitely benefit from fasting.  I would feel hunger again, and my body would have a rest from the digestive process.  It is clear to me, especially after coming back to the states, with so many items available, I need never feel hungry again.  There need be no space in my schedule or my body when I am not full.

I think about how this relates to spiritual hunger.  There are so many choices to hear the Word of God preached, so many opportunities to hear praise and worship music. I need never have any space when I don’t have a Christian background soundtrack running in my life.  When do I have a chance to get hungry for God?  Not just little spirit rumblings, but really hungry for Him, His presence, His love.

We are a nation of such abundance.  Yet have we sated ourselves with the good that we are no longer hungry for the Best?  Oh, Lord, we cry out, make us hungry for you.  Let nothing else satisfy our hearts and souls but You.  No substitutes.


Just a quick post to say that I had to change my blog name due to various technical difficulties.  Me, not being a techie, wisely decided to open a whole new blog.  Please stick around as we dig around together to see what it means to love and follow Jesus, and really take hold of His love for us.  Thanks for tuning in.